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Miscellaneous testimony is below…

Ben in LA has an aluminum flat bottom jon boat.  While boating with his wife, he came to a patch of shallow water that caused his boat to come to an abrupt halt, almost tossing himself and his wife out out into the river.  He ordered some Wetlander, put it on his hull, then he sent us this video…

Ben went back to the same stretch of skinny water that had stopped him dead in his tracks before.  His words: “I almost killed me and my wife before I coated it… Went back and slid over it like it was nothing… Thanks for the good stuff… Saved my marriage… Ha”.

Chuck and the team at Widowmaker in UT has been using Wetlander on his custom boat builds for years.  Bowhunting for invasive carp is big fun out there, and Widowmaker Boats are the key…

Joe and family at Koffler Boats in the Pacific Northwest make high quality aluminum drift boats, prams and power boats. They use Wetlander on their custom aluminum builds.


James in KY sent us this vid with the subject line “Thanks for a great product!”.  Glad you like it James.

Another from James in KY

Wanna see how Wetlander stacks up one of the other hull coatings out there?

“You may want to take a look at Wetlander by Wearlon.  It is a two-part water based coating designed for use below the water line.  I used it on my brand-Y sailing skiff and am very happy with the results.  I find it to be very durable and was very easy to apply.  It is very low friction so you won’t want it anywhere that you may walk. My choice of bottom paint was largely driven by abrasion resistance.  Beach landings and rough boat ramps can really chew up normal paints.  Wetlander was very easy to apply and has a reputation of being very tough.  So far it has lived up to the reputation and I would definitely use it again. (My boat below)” – posts from Mark N. (clcboats.com/forum)

“Got out on Easter Sunday for a few hours with my 16 year old. The river was up and running pretty strong which made for a tough day of fishing, but he managed a nice bass to salvage the day! Early impressions of the Wetlander remain VERY good! I am really pleased so far! Launching was a breeze!  Overall the boat just felt like it performed better, smoother, faster, etc” -post by ‘GNURAIDER’ (Customgheenoe.com-forum)

 “I find this coating performs very well as a protective coating, but I appreciate (from a white-water perspective) how well it slides over rocks as opposed to getting snagged, slowed down, or even hung up. It’s especially good for my aluminum canoe when I get to shallow water and encounter a lot of drag. And if and when there is a wear spot, I just touch up with a mini roller.” -posted by “Addison” (Kayakforum.com)

“I had the same problem with water from really bad rivets. I took my finger and smeared 3m 5400 marine epoxy paste on rivets. I then painted bottom with a product called Wetlander that stuff is slick! And dirt will not stick to it. JB Weld is not flexible and will not hold up.” 
”I liked the Wetlander product so much I lined my livewell with it too. My boat doesn’t leak anymore either.” -posts by Bob46 (Senior member on fishin.com-forum)

“I have a 1986 bass tracker with same ‘leaky rivets’ issue. After extensive internet research and speaking with many boat guys, I chose to use this approach to fix this: I first used a 3m paste product called 5200 as a sealent. I followed by applying an epoxy-based boat coating called Wetlander. Take the proper steps in applying primer & topcoat and problem solved.” -post by ‘Chasmo’ (senior member on fishin.com-forum

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  1. Have always unhooked boat launching at boat ramps. Backing down the newly coated1652 roughneck hull and the boat slid right off the trailer prior to the water. Good thing it was an outboard jet and not a prop. A big dose of surprise. No damage done other than a little swallowed pride. Stuff is slicker than snot.

  2. See my video about Wetlander, should answer a lot of questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFGYonJ5EgU&t=646s

    I’ve had the coating for over a year and it’s held up very well. After applying Wetlander be sure and hang on to your boat, it will slide down a hill faster than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck.

  3. Can the viscosity of the primer and paint be adjusted using water for spraying?

    • Kenneth,

      Yes, it can be thinned by adding up to 5% clean drinking water. I advise against that though… Most spray set-ups that can push latex house paint will be able to shoot Wetlander, both Primer and Topcoat, without thinning. A 3.0 tip works the best.


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