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Or, if you would rather talk to an actual human, Scott is our resident boat doctor and can handle all of your questions. He has heard it all.  You cannot shock him; go ahead and try.

Scott Hogan at (518) 469-3612.


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    • Peter,

      Yes. We will be happy to ship directly to you from our manufacturing facility in the northeastern U.S. Simply visit the online store, and place an order and the Wetlander will be shipped out within 24 hours. Or, you could call me directly at (518) 469-3612, and I will take care of your order personally. There are currently no retail stores in Alberta with Wetlander on their shelves.


    • Dave,

      As long as you know it is in fact ABS plastic, then yes. Wetlander gets great adhesion to ABS. However, adhesion to polyethylene and “roto-molded” plastic is not good, so make sure you know 100% that it is ABS. I would call the manufacturer and verify with them.


  1. I’ve purchased 1/2 gallon of the Wetlander product. I have sanded down my fiberglass Labro drift boat and stripped the fiberglass and epoxy resin and will soon lay new fiberglass on the bottom. I have also purchased Pettit paint for the reapplication of paint. Do you suggest that I paint the bottom of the boat with the EZ-Poxy Modern Polyurethane Topside Paint first and then sand and then apply the Wetlander primer/Product later? Is this a waste of good paint?

    Should I simply glass the bottom and apply Wetlander primer and the Wetlander product in lieu of the paint? I live in the Northwest. Of course there are very large rocks and boulders and there is a lot of scraping over rocks and such in search of salmon and steelhead. I really want to apply a very strong bottom to the fiberglass drift boat.

    • Ernest,

      I do not like a Topside paint on any below-the-waterline applications; it is not designed to be fully submerged for long periods of time and you may run into problems in the long term.
      For anyone doing fiberglass repair work: I like to see as much thickness between the water and the actual fiberglass mesh as possible. So, when you are done glassing, apply another coat (or two) of your embedding epoxy to build up some thickness. THEN you can apply a 2-Layer kit of Wetlander. The will ensure the best possible outcomes for your repair. And make sure you use an epoxy designed for boat hulls… not Topside paint, or off the shelf oil-based primers; if it’s not designed for boat hulls, don’t use it.


  2. Hi, I have called and texted several times without a word back. I have a question regarding installation. Can the topcoat be applied directly to clean raw aluminum, or must the primer be used?

    • I want to comment on my post. Scott was out on vacation and kindly responded today and provided very useful information and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Scott!!

      Impatient Boater

  3. How much of your product will I need to cover the bottom of a 16×54 drift boat?

    • Pat,

      For drift boats, I always recommend a 2-Layer kit in half gallon containers. Always.


  4. Please confirm this product will bond to gel coat as I am considering using on my 16 foot Clackacraft driftboat.


    • Mike,

      Any and all of the Wetlander products will get great adhesion to gelcoat.


  5. I have a fiberglass hull airboat. Which product would you recommend for that?

  6. I have a flat bottom 1972 Jon boat, the whole thing needs to be re painted, are yalls products good to use on the deck and inside of the boat?

    • Josey,

      I don’t like putting Wetlander on the topside, especially decking or benches/seats… it’s just too slippery. You, your gear, and everything else in the boat will be sliding around like crazy. Not good.


  7. What size 3 layer kit do you recommend for just the bottom of my 17’52” weldbilt.

  8. Do you have a dealer in Washington State. Specifically in the Bellingham area? I live in Vancouver Canada and could pop across the border to pick up. I know you can ship to Canada, but it cost a fortune.
    I am doing the bottom of a 10 ft jon boat. The 1 quart kit should be eough, correct?

    • Doug,

      Most of our current applicators and dealers in the PNW are in OR. Maybe you can contact your favorite local marine in WA, and order through them, or at least have us ship it to them.


      • Thanks Scott.
        I do have a PO box in Blaine WA, so I will probably get you to ship it there. I just was trying to save on shipping. 🙂 Thanks for the quick reply.

  9. Can I get it color matched to the ez poxy Sea Foam color? want the gheenoe to look like a solid color even though using your product for bottom and ezpoxy for the topside

    • Alan,

      Sorry, color matching for singular boats is no longer an option. If you are going to be buying a 5-gallon pail/month, then we can talk about color matching.


  10. Hello I own a Coleman canoe it is ramx I believe it’s a polyethylene of sorts, in a previous comment you said it’s not so good is it an adhesion issue or does it react? I’ve already sanded it really well, if not do you have any recommendations. I really wanted Wetlander.
    Thank you

    • Joe,

      It’s an adhesion issue. The adhesion of Wetlander to polyethylene is just not good. Sorry…


  11. Hello Scott I would like to apply your product to my Hyde 16.8 fibreglass drift boat. Could you please advise me of the kit that would be appropriate

    • Tom,

      Yes, Wetlander will get good adhesion to stainless. Just do an exemplary job of surface prep.


  12. Hello! I have two questions. Do you work in the middle of the pandemic? Do you work with C-Dory boats? I own 3 of them and they all kinda not feel good. Thanks!

  13. I have a 17′ bass tracker that needs rivet and keel seem leak repair down the entire bottom of the boat.
    What do I need to purchase?

  14. Have used the 2 coat system on a 14′ Jon boat that was beat up when I got it. Sold after using in really rough terrain never an issue after 4 years of hard use. Will purchase the the 3 layer system on a home built for deeper waters soon. The boat is upside down spotless and repaired with 3/8″ transom. Will turn over and use Wetlander paint on everything inside. This is my forever boat. Taking pictures of the rebuild – will post when done. This time will let paint dry 2 weeks between coats, not necessary. You can take the roughest boat around and make it into dream boat with wetlander coatingings,,,,,,,,,,, richard.pitts@yahoo.com 903-394-9691 Richard as real as it get’s

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