Federal Safety Yellow on an Airboat

Color Chart

Color chart for Wetlander slick boat bottom coating.  Contains 24 colors.

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  1. Scott:

    I have a 16′ Rapidcraft drift boat that is painted sky blue, including the bottom. Do I need to grind the paint off of the bottom before I use your topcoat? I am also thinking about putting it on the bottom of my unpainted 20′ Wooldridge sled.

    • Bill,

      We would like to see any and all old coating to come off your hull BEFORE applying Wetlander. This ensures that the Wetlander is adhering to the actual aluminum or gelcoat, and not a factory paint job (which could be too brittle and fail). It is possible to put Wetlander on an old coating/paint job, but then your brand new Wetlander will be adhering to suspect paint, rather than your actual hull.

      It is better to remove the old stuff.


  2. I have a 1958 hand built camper that needs attention. We have some leaks and suspicious seams. This product was mentioned as a possible remedy. Could you give us some feedback? Thank you.

    • Juli,

      Wetlander will help stop the water from weeping through small rivet pops and small welding/seam gaps. HOWEVER, stopping leaks is not what Wetlander is designed to do, nor would I ever recommend it as a leak stopping product.
      My advice is do it once and do it right: Weld those holes shut, or, use a marine grade sealant/adhesive that works well with aluminum (5200 by 3M is one) and plug up the holes. THEN coat it with Wetlander and you should have no problems with slow leaks.


      • Scott, thank you so much for replying to our inquiry. We are going to follow your advice and let you know how it all turns out! Thanks again, Juli and Dana

    • Juli,

      I would hit the suspicious seams with 5200 marine caulk by 3M first, then apply some Wetlander in the color of your choice. That way you have 2 separate materials plugging the leaks and keeping your dry. A leaky camper, like a leaky boat, is no fun.


  3. What kind of roller would you recommend to get a really smooth surface with this product?

    • Hi Bub,

      If you want the smoothest coat possible, spray it with on with a 3.0 tip. Rolling Wetlander will always leave a slightly “rolled on” look. That being said, I always roll because it is faster, easier, and there is much less prep-work and cleanup. I like to use about a half-inch nap mini roller (like what you would use to paint a door). I don’t like using foam rollers because they can potentially leave little air bubbles that can dry into little pinholes. So, a regular fiber roller 5/8 to 1/2 inch nap is best, in my opinion.


  4. Scott, I’m still unsure what color to choose for my Land Cruiser. I noticed the Wearlon 49 seems to allow tape to adhere to it whereas Wetlander, when applied to my pontoon, did not. I like the Leda of having a coating to which mud does not easily stick. Color continues to be an issue. The little green sample you sent was not quite dark enough. If you sent me a handful of sprayed on samples (the smeared on sample was kind of sketchy) perhaps I could choose. I can easily return them to you once I have a color choice made. The only other issue that bothers me is how much New Mexico sunlight the coating will handle before turning chalky. Of course, when not on the road, the rig is garaged so…… Buddy, I need your guidance! Matt

    • Yes, we do. However, it would be faster, cheaper and more efficient, if you talked to our Southern Hemisphere distributor. He can get you a kit straight away.
      Here is his contact info:
      Paul Mullan
      Phone: 027 284 9194
      Email: paul@blackmagic.com.au


  5. Can I get the two layer half gallon in silver? How much would it cost?

    • James,

      Sorry – we don’t have any metallic flake in our coatings, so Silver is not an option. A 2-Layer kit in half-gallons is $236.


  6. i have a 16′-6″ drift boat with a 54″ bottom and i am unsure weather to get the Quart size or Half Gallon in the 2 part and recommendation would help

  7. Would you recommend to flip my drift boat upside down to apply your product for a better finish if I was to roll it on……

    • David,

      If you are able to flip your boat over to do the prep and application, it is much easier. Painting a table is easier than painting a ceiling… Know what I mean?


  8. I would like to see this company implement a clear coat with their special chemicals that make it slick. I would if I owned this company. I could put this over any boat color. Fabulous. If you do this, I want a check for $10000.

    • Joe,

      We could make it clear, but it wouldn’t be as slick and effective as the Wetlander we are currently manufacturing. We choose performance over aesthetics every time. Maybe over time we will develop a super slick and protective 100% clear coat, who knows?..


  9. Will this product work on a 14’ V bottom boat? Second how will this product work in saltwater?

    • Dan,

      Yes, it’ll work on a 14 ft v-hull. It will have no issues being in saltwater, just don’t expect it to repel barnacles. Because it won’t!


    • Wearlon’s other product Speed Coat 29 is designed for V-hulls in salt and freshwater. The company’s main site is http://wearloncorp.com/ – just look under marine you will see both the Wetlander and Speed Coat 29 products.

  10. Scott, how would it handle heat in the range of 180 degrees with some steam, 5 days a week for 8 hours?

    • Matt,

      As long as that 180 degrees is in Fahrenheit, and not Celsius, I think it would be fine. However, I suggest testing with a pre-coated panel in the hot and steamy space to be 100% sure. What is the specific application? What are you trying to accomplish?


  11. Scott, I am pondering if it would keep my wood pellet mill from discoloring due to heat and steam that boil up around the door where the pellets escape the mill. The steam and heat discolor the mill and is hard to remove. I was wondering if Wetlander would protect the mill and be easy to clean each day. M. (PS: I’m the crazy who painted his 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser. Results are a bit weird. )

  12. I like to apply tis product to bottom and less than half on the sides of a aluminum Bass boat. The size is 17’4″ straight V. Your suggestion on how much of this product I’ll need to purchase. Thanks!!

    • Hi Glen,
      It depends on how far up the sides you are actually going to go. If you can give me the estimated square footage of the boat, it would be easier to answer your question accurately. For most V-hull bass boats at 17
      ft long, a 2-Layer kit in half gallons would be enough ( a 2-Layer kit in half-gallons will cover UP TO 100 sq. ft.). However, if you are really adding a lot of square footage by going up the sides, you might have to bump up to gallons, which would double your cost and give you WAY too much coating for that boat.
      I guess my answer is: Do everything you can to keep it under 90-100 square feet, and the 2-Layer kit in halves will be perfect!
      Call me directly at (518) 469-3612 and we can go over everything in more detail.


  13. Can letters be painted over this thinking about spraying whole outside of boat with the 3 part kit in snake skin green with black letters

    • Jeremy,

      Paints and stickers do not stick well to a Wetlander coated surface. Using good masking tape to block off that area, either before or after painting your letters on.


  14. What is the best way to apply to a clackacraft with the golf ball hull? I’m worried I won’t get all of the paint off. Also is sandpaper the best way to remove the current coating?

    • Sandpaper or a light media blast is the best way to remove any old coatings. I don’t believe Clacka puts anything on their hulls beyond gelcoat, and if that is true, you should be able to just clean/scuff the gelcoat really well, and then apply your Wetlander. The best way to apply Wetlander to a Clackacraft with hull-divots is with a sprayer. However I know that some guys have done it with rollers and a foam brush before… it’ll just take longer that way.


  15. Hey,
    So I want to use one of these Wearlon products on the bottom of a jetski. Does anyone have the actual greens of wetlander in pictures? The color chart i don’t care to go off. A real life color shot would make me feel more confident on choosing a color.


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